The Importance Of Where You Put On Your Wedding Dress... | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Michigan

Brides, of all the things that you have to think about leading up to your wedding day, I’m guessing that the details for putting on the dress hasn’t been keeping you awake at night.

But in all the insanity of getting ready to be married, putting on the dress is usually the moment when it starts to feel real. When it comes to the pre-ceremony photographs, the putting on of the dress is one of the most important details that your photographer can capture, and there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you would like the best possible result (I know I do!).

Getting Dressed

1. Let your photographer in! Some women aren’t modest at all and will have no reservations with allowing the photographer in the room. But there are some who may feel uncomfortable, and I will take this moment to try to reassure you that our only purpose is to photograph you in the best, most flattering way while maintaining an unobtrusive and respectful manner. Being present in the room during this dressing stage is important to document the emotions that will play across your face as you realize that this will be the dress you wear to marry your best friend.

2. Choose in advance who will assist you. Pre-planning makes everything run smoother, dressing included. Brides will typically ask their maid of honor, bridesmaids, or mother to help them into their dress, so be sure that your help knows that you will be expecting them at this time.

3. Location.  It always sounds like a great idea to have everyone prepare at your home, but when you get 3-15 bridesmaids into one house, it gets cramped fast, everything gets extremely messy, there’s no space in the bathroom, the cat is freaking out about all these people, and any semblance of order in your house becomes chaos, which does not make for pretty pictures. Then you have the drive to your venue, which can take 15 minutes to over an hour, plus the extra half hour to coordinate everyone into cars and then run back inside for your shoes or one of the bouquets someone forgot... If you get ready in a hotel, you don’t have to worry about everything being clean and pretty for your photos, a maid takes care of all your clean-up (yay!), and there’s more time to do fun photos because you’re closer to the actual wedding location, or already there. Oh, and no one can accidentally let the cat (or dog) outside to roam rampant in the neighborhood and cause last minute heart palpitations as all your half dressed bridesmaids go chasing after Mr. BoJangles Fluffington…  

4. Room size. Wedding dresses are really big. Some are really, really big. Add a bride, and a group of bridesmaids, then a photographer who needs room to take photos, and it can be a really tight squeeze!

5. Let the sunshine in! Many wedding photographers prefer to shoot with natural light. Not only is it gorgeous and natural, but it allows us to move from space to space without having to drag along tons of flash units every step of the day. Your photographer will be eternally grateful to you if you keep this in mind, and find a room bathed in natural light.

Hopefully with a little bit of pre-planning you will be able to help in achieving swoon-worthy memories.

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