The Wicked Witch

"Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning."

Wicked Witch Sneak Broom

Halloween is almost here!!! It's definitely my favorite holiday (I already have a few small decorations out, and I keep finding more to add to my clutter. It's awesome.) 

Periodically I get together with other photographers for crazy shoots, and this time it was above and beyond amazing. With Halloween approaching, Rachel and I decided to do something wicked (enter witch theme!) and we called up the absolutely brilliant makeup artist TaBetha Morrison. She's based in Michigan and does all kinds of events like weddings and bridal parties, but also does really exciting costume makeup and body paint. For this shoot we wanted a lot of green everywhere, taking a few cues from Once Upon A Time's feature of Regina's sister from Oz... I love that show. >>Had to throw that in there.

Witch Talons

This broom. I don't know where Brittany found it, but it's awesome. 

Witch Peek

 I've shot with Brittany before, and she was perfect for this theme. Those eyes are stunning! 

Witch In Thought

The costume turned out beautifully wicked, and with TaBetha's talented makeup it all came together perfectly. The season of disguises, magic, and make-believe is here! If you're interested in a haunted holiday shoot, contact me for details and special rates! 

Wicked Creeping


Photography: Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio
Model: Brittany Jackson
Makeup & Body Paint: TaBetha Morrison
Hair: Brittany Jackson & TaBetha Morrison
Wardrobe: Alyssia Booth & Rachel Rice
Location: Curwood Castle