Happy New Years!

What a year it’s been! I started out 2014 on an AMAZING trip to Africa. When I got back it was straight into shooting, and I barely had time to look through my safari photos! Now in the winter months again I finally have time to reflect on everything. It’s been a wonderful year of growth for my business, and I couldn’t be happier. The goals I set for my studio have far exceeded my expectations in 2014. For starters, we did a ton more ad design than in the past, and my creative photography was featured in several print publications. A number of my canine portraits will also be used in the AKC’s newest volume of the official breed book. Digger’s photo is going to be in a new American Water Spaniel breed book as well.

Secondly, I finally started blogging! There is a lot that goes into the crazily artistic work I do, and I like to share that. This coming year I’ll be adding more detail and behind the scenes, some before and after photos, and maybe even a few behind the scenes videos. 

As the new year begins my thoughts are on the future. I’m so excited that 2015 has arrived… I’m already setting new goals and intentions for both my personal and professional life. This coming year will be filled with a lot of travel, beautiful photoshoots, adventure, and wonderful changes.

Happy New Year!!!

Cheetah Cub in Ndutu 2014