Brave Shoot

Last night I watched the movie Brave. Mother’s day just passed, and it’s a great example of the dysfunction and love in mother/daughter relationships. I think it’s a great film, with beautifully done animation and artwork. I’ve always loved crazy hair like Merida has and the fiery personality they wrote her matches that hair perfectly.

Merida Brave

Shortly after seeing the movie for the first time not too long ago, I did a Brave inspired photo shoot with a cos-player I know.  Ashley had made a perfect replica dress by hand and did a fantastically huge wig up, long wefts and untold amounts of time curling individual strands included!

Meridas Bow Curwood Castle

After getting together, an adventure to Curwood Castle followed! It’s a beautiful little place out in Owasso where I love to shoot. Built in 1922 by a dreamer and author, James Oliver Curwood, it's a museum now. He used the turrets for his writing studio...