Recent Shoots: Heidi and the Violin

I recently did photos for a beautiful violinist and dancer by the name of Heidi.

Heidi Headshot

She's very talented and I actually got to hear her play some during our session! The music she creates is beautiful. 

Violinist On Bridge

The above and below images were captured at Curwood Castle. I love shooting at that location because there are so many beautiful spots and it's easy do something wonderous, wistful, and wild. The castle is actually yellow, which in some cases can be annoying, but in this case it worked out really well for the conceptual image we did. Any time I have the opportunity, I like to create something special for my clients. After a recent senior session I had a ton of sheet music hanging out at my studio, so I brought it along to the shoot with Heidi and we created a maelstrom of music for this passionate heart. 

Music Maelstrom