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A Boudoir Shoot With Tiahna | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Okemos Mi Photographer

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful woman by the name of Tiahna! She's a stunning 22 year old who recently began modeling, and brand new honorary aunty! Her friend actually ended up in labor during our photo shoot and we got to hear all about it. 

The setting, the light.. everything was perfect and the photos were gorgeous straight out of the camera. Sometimes I do boudoir in the studio, but this shoot was in a guest room at my house where the natural window light is just absolutely lovely. That, and we had the added perk of a real bed! 

thong & heels

Boudoir is one of my favorite types of photography. It's beautiful, empowering, and shows women how gorgeous they really are. Below is a story I think perfectly illustrates this from a fantastic photographer by the name of Kate.. 

"I visited one of my dearest friends in New York last year and suggested we did a shoot whilst I was there.  We had a lot of fun – drinking vintage champagne and laughing together over a long afternoon.  I remember telling her how beautiful she looked and that this (ie what I was seeing through the lens) was how her husband saw her.  I immediately saw that she doubted what I was saying – that’s women for you. As soon as her husband returned to the apartment she wanted to show him the images on the back of my camera.  She was clearly on a high and as he flicked through the images he turned to her and said “stunning, darling, but that’s how I see you”.  It was a very special moment and I just kept quiet.  

The next day as we wandered through SOHO he stopped me, looked me straight in the eye and said a heartfelt thank you for what I had done for her.  I asked him to comment for this column and he wrote to me saying: “My wife has always been beautiful to me but I have learned over the years that how women see their bodies and how men view them are two very different things. The revelation through the boudoir experience, is that for the first time in 14 years, my wife now understands exactly how I see her body. The impact this realisation has had on her has been very liberating and the photos which are tasteful, natural and in my view stunning, are an added bonus”. " ~Professional Photographer Magazine, Kate Hopwell-Smith


Beautiful Legs Boudoir

For this shoot I used primarily my 50mm 1.4 lens on my 5D Mark iii. I love the soft, beautiful look I get with that lens. It can be a little tough shooting in close quarters, but on a full frame camera like the Mark iii it works beautifully. If I were still shooting with my 7D, a crop sensor camera, it would be near impossible to shoot like this without a larger room. A different lens would enable me to do so, but then  the entire look of the shoot would change. 

Window Boudoir

Sunflower Summer

Summer is my second favorite season, only surpassed by the fresh wonder of Spring. I love the life, all the green, blooming flowers, and wild joy of a hot day. This year I discovered a small sunflower field with thousands of smiling suns. 

Kristina and the Finch

This particular little gem is in Okemos, so super close to my studio. I found it while I was out running - SUPER awesome thing to stumble into! Naturally I had to drag my beautiful little sister out the next day for some photos. I just can't help myself. I live, eat, breath, and dream photography! 

Sunflower Love

While the sunflowers are still standing tall I am offering Mini Sessions! Anyone interested contact me here or call me at 517-672-9323 and we'll set up your shoot!