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Tips For Your Maternity Photo Shoot | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | East Lansing, Michigan Photographer

*Decide on a style you like! Check out other maternity photos online to really see what’s out there and find out which direction you want to go in. Some people love the classic studio look and some prefer a more natural, outdoor, look. I know a bunch of great local areas, and have my own studio space so we can do whatever style you prefer. 

Jenelle | Okemos Mi  |  Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

 *Plan your outfits! Pregnant women should wear something that fits well and shows off that great baby bump. You can always add a belt above your belly for added definition on a super cute dress! If you want to wear jeans for bare belly shots, I recommend going for non-maternity jeans that you can leave unbuttoned. It looks a lot cleaner than using maternity panel jeans, and let's face it, everyone loves buttons. 

It's A Girl | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Okemos Mi Photographer

 *Include your partner in some shots! This is a special time for both of you, and it's always fun to include them. If you have other children too, or a favorite pet, they are great additions to your photos as well.

Couple Maternity

 *Bring both light and dark tops like Heather did (above).  That bright pink was just perfect, and lacy or knitted sweaters like her red one are super fun. Black is fantastic for side shots, but in other poses it can really hide your gorgeous belly. Don't forget to bring colors! 

*If you feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to rock some fabulous shoes. But, absolutely make sure to bring a pair of flat walking shoes if we are moving between locations. You won't want to be running around in heels the whole time! 

*Keep it simple! Super busy patterns are typically distracting from your beautiful baby belly. 

 *Don't be afraid of showing off your belly because of stretch marks. They are a beautiful, natural part of motherhood (and if you hate them, they can always be edited out!).

*Props! It's always fun to announce your upcoming addition in a creative way. Tiny knitted shoes, a favorite childhood story book, special heirloom knitted blanket... The bestprops are the ones that have a special meaning to you. 

 *Try cute and different ideas.  Pinterest is amazing for inspiring your creativity, and I always have ideas so never be afraid to ask for help. Hobby Lobby and Michaels typically have adorable banners that you can announce a gender or that you're expecting with, along with cute cut-out chalkboards, and many other neat things.

Pink Flower Fairy | Maternity | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Okemos Mi

 *Make sure you take your maternity photos taken before your last month. If your little love is in a hurry and arrives early we then we may not get to shoot. 

Do you have any tips I forgot to add in? Comment with them below!

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Heather & Josh | Maternity Photo Shoot | East Lansing, Michigan

Heather Maternity Photo Shoot Harris Nature Center MI Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

I recently had the honor of doing Heather's maternity photos! She and Josh came out to Okemos and we braved the wild outdoors for an amazing shoot.

This lovely lady has the most adorable baby belly. It was a freezing cold, perfectly snowy day for us, and the trails at Harris Nature Center were stunning. (Especially awesome because we originally had to reschedule from an incredibly rainy and dreary day a couple of weeks earlier.) 

Without their coats on it was definitely shiver weather out though, and I'm super glad I thought to bring little hand warmers. YAY for Tractor Supply! They're useful little things and easy to tuck a few packs into my camera bag. I don't think I'll ever do a winter shot without them again! 

Heather & Josh have maybe a month left until their little girl arrives. They were such a fun couple to photograph and they are going to be amazing parents!

Maternity photography Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

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