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Fall Shoots & Updates

Fall is upon us and the trees are turning beautifully!

Fall | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Michigan Photographer | Pumpkin patch shoots

Apples at the orchard, pumpkins patches ripe for the picking... I am very excited for all the shoots we have planned! For Orchard and Pumpkin Patch Shoots, contact us ASAP as those we have limited spaces left for those location shoots. 

Pet Portraits | Halloween | Happy Holidays! Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

For Pets! Fall location and studio shoots are NOW AVAILABLE. We will be offering Christmas and Holiday shoots by appointment as well. Due to the dog show shooting schedule we will be unable to make it out to Pet-X to do the mini-shoot days this year.

Outdoor pet photoshoots | Fall pet photos | Alyssia Booth Photographer

Makeup & Fog | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

Test shoot with with Amy Lewis and Desiree Lacole! These two women are incredibly talented and fun to work with. We did several looks for this shoot varying from light and natural to dramatic with a dark red lipstick.

Natural look makeup | Pink lip | Makeup Test | Lashes | Amy Lewis Makeup | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Test Shoot
Makeup Test | Orchid Makeup | Maroon Red Lip | Dramatic Flowers Makeup | Lashes | Amy Lewis Makeup | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Test Shoot
Makeup Test | Model Shoot | Pool | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | East Lansing MI | Amy Lewis Makeup

And the addition of... dry ice! This was so much fun to do. I've worked with dry ice several times outdoors, but never for anything quite like this. (Inspo- the magical Sue Bryce, photographers you can check her out on creativeLive.com! She's a portrait master). This last look, expertly blended with gold and bronze shadows, was my favorite.

Dry Ice Photoshoot | Makeup test | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Michigan Photographer

A few tips.. 
*dry ice will burn your skin, so use oven mitts or some very thick gloves to avoid touching it. You may need a hammer or mallet to break it.
*we used rubbermaid tupperware to put the water/dry ice in, which is both low to the ground, and somewhat sturdy. Glass would probably break from the rapid and dramatic temperature changes. I've also used empty ice cream buckets.
*hot water produces more fog than cold
*plan your poses and shoot fast! Fog only lasts a few minutes so knowing what you're doing ahead of time can make a huge difference. For bigger stuff or outdoors shoots, I always end up compositing layers of the fog from different photos into the image. 

Dry Ice Photoshoot | Gold Makeup Test | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Michigan Photographer

You can check out more of Amy's makeup artistry at www.makeupbyamylewis.com. She and her team do everything from bridal makeup to special effects, film, photo shoots, runway, and personal lessons. 
For more of Desiree's modeling work, check her out at www.facebook.com/DesireeLacole

To start planning your photoshoot CLICK HERE or email me at abcandidstudio@gmail.com . 

Happy Holidays!

It's been a great year at Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio! All of our Holiday shoots are done, mischief is managed, and the studio is a sparkly decoration filled mess! 

Davy  | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Pet Photos | Papillon | PetX | Howell Michigan

Prints, disks, keychains and other gift items ordered at our Pet-X Holiday Photo Day have been dropped off with the lovely ladies at the main register in Pet-X. If you were at our events on the 12th or 13th of December and haven't picked up your order yet, it's there waiting for you.

The raffle winner for a Location Photo Shoot has been chosen and will be contacted in January after the holidays.

Click the video below to see more adorable pups who came out to meet Santa!

And for a peek at last year's photos... 

The studio is now closed for the holidays until January 12th of 2016. I will be out of the country on a photo safari (yay!), and will respond to any emails or messages when we get back. 

Lion | Photo Safari | African Portfolio | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Adventure! | Lion | Cubs | Safari

Happy Holidays! 

JJ + Julianna | Secret Ninja Proposal | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Okemos Mi Photographer

This summer I found a beautiful field of purple wild flowers. It was a perfect location for a dreamy romantic proposal. I sent out a few messages and found a couple of willing models! 

JJ and Julianna had perfect chemistry right from the start, and amazing acting skills. It was like they'd known each other forever, they were THAT convincing.

Engagement | JJ&J | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Lansing Mi |  Couples Photographer

While I was doing photograhy, my sister, Kristina, was shooting a Love Story and Announcement Video.
When we shared the photographs and videos, JJ and Julianna's friends and family were very surprised! They had missed that little faux engagement note! Both models got an insane amount of congratulations and comments, a few OMG notes, and some panicked emails from family. It was hilarious and a lot of fun! 

Interested in booking a proposal shoot? Contact me! 

Photographer: Alyssia Booth       www.abcandidstudio.com
Videographer: Kristina Booth       www.kboothvideo.com
Models: JJ Butts                            www.facebook.com/jjbuttsmodeling
             & Julianna Blain
Location: Harris Nature Center, Okemos, Mi.


In wild lands of golden trees
Friends are found in grasses sweet,
He'll lead the heart astray... a hissssss
A fruit so sweet to tempt the lips
Beguiling love to taste so rich
It's done...

Eve and the Snake

Model/Hair/Makeup: Brittany Jackson
Wardrobe/Snake Wrangler/Photographer: Alyssia Booth
Snake: Kipp The Car Snake

Recent Shoots: Heidi and the Violin

I recently did photos for a beautiful violinist and dancer by the name of Heidi.

Heidi Headshot

She's very talented and I actually got to hear her play some during our session! The music she creates is beautiful. 

Violinist On Bridge

The above and below images were captured at Curwood Castle. I love shooting at that location because there are so many beautiful spots and it's easy do something wonderous, wistful, and wild. The castle is actually yellow, which in some cases can be annoying, but in this case it worked out really well for the conceptual image we did. Any time I have the opportunity, I like to create something special for my clients. After a recent senior session I had a ton of sheet music hanging out at my studio, so I brought it along to the shoot with Heidi and we created a maelstrom of music for this passionate heart. 

Music Maelstrom

Sunflower Summer

Summer is my second favorite season, only surpassed by the fresh wonder of Spring. I love the life, all the green, blooming flowers, and wild joy of a hot day. This year I discovered a small sunflower field with thousands of smiling suns. 

Kristina and the Finch

This particular little gem is in Okemos, so super close to my studio. I found it while I was out running - SUPER awesome thing to stumble into! Naturally I had to drag my beautiful little sister out the next day for some photos. I just can't help myself. I live, eat, breath, and dream photography! 

Sunflower Love

While the sunflowers are still standing tall I am offering Mini Sessions! Anyone interested contact me here or call me at 517-672-9323 and we'll set up your shoot! 

52 Weeks: Beginning

This year I have begun a 52 weeks project. Deciding on all the weekly themes was a bit crazy and very fun. I wrote down all the ideas, concepts, and themes that I've wanted to do but not actually gotten around to doing, then cut the list into individual pieces with an idea on each. After that I retrieved a top hat from the top shelf in my studio, dropped what was now essentially a pile of confetti into it, and shook it all up. To pick the final order I just drew out random papers, and turned them into a lovely little final list. Here's the result! 

52 Weeks

Week one I made a bit more interesting than a normal self portrait. In the middle of the night I did a ton of photos of myself by lamp light with a little fill flash, flipping my hair about to make it look like it was floating. Afterwards came photoshop, some fish, and voila! I'm a mermaid. 









Week two was flight. I love flying and levitation images. I have wanted to do one for a while, but other things kept getting in the way. I needed to escape from that constant barrage of things that distract me, which is super hard to do! Anyone else want to visit Neverland with me? I hear it's great this time of year... 

 Model:   Brittany Luther  .   (2/52)

 Model: Brittany Luther.   (2/52)

Congrats to the Fedewas!

Congratulations to Becca and Craig!

This past fall I did a maternity photo session with them. It was fantastic! Seeing the glow in a beautiful woman when she’s excited and nervous and expecting her first little bundle of love is amazing. Becca was no exception!


 With a little boy on the way, we did a beautiful photo shoot on Flashpoint Ranch (A.K.A. my photo park!) and had a great time with different looks in the field, near the woods, and various other places. Becca’s belly was beautifully round, and with only a couple of weeks to go before her due date, it was the perfect time for our shoot. 

Since then Becca and Craig have welcomed Connor, their new little bundle of trouble into the world!

Congratulations you two!