Heather & Josh | Maternity Photo Shoot | East Lansing, Michigan

Heather Maternity Photo Shoot Harris Nature Center MI Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

I recently had the honor of doing Heather's maternity photos! She and Josh came out to Okemos and we braved the wild outdoors for an amazing shoot.

This lovely lady has the most adorable baby belly. It was a freezing cold, perfectly snowy day for us, and the trails at Harris Nature Center were stunning. (Especially awesome because we originally had to reschedule from an incredibly rainy and dreary day a couple of weeks earlier.) 

Without their coats on it was definitely shiver weather out though, and I'm super glad I thought to bring little hand warmers. YAY for Tractor Supply! They're useful little things and easy to tuck a few packs into my camera bag. I don't think I'll ever do a winter shot without them again! 

Heather & Josh have maybe a month left until their little girl arrives. They were such a fun couple to photograph and they are going to be amazing parents!

Maternity photography Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

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Sunflower Summer

Summer is my second favorite season, only surpassed by the fresh wonder of Spring. I love the life, all the green, blooming flowers, and wild joy of a hot day. This year I discovered a small sunflower field with thousands of smiling suns. 

Kristina and the Finch

This particular little gem is in Okemos, so super close to my studio. I found it while I was out running - SUPER awesome thing to stumble into! Naturally I had to drag my beautiful little sister out the next day for some photos. I just can't help myself. I live, eat, breath, and dream photography! 

Sunflower Love

While the sunflowers are still standing tall I am offering Mini Sessions! Anyone interested contact me here or call me at 517-672-9323 and we'll set up your shoot! 

Congrats to the Fedewas!

Congratulations to Becca and Craig!

This past fall I did a maternity photo session with them. It was fantastic! Seeing the glow in a beautiful woman when she’s excited and nervous and expecting her first little bundle of love is amazing. Becca was no exception!


 With a little boy on the way, we did a beautiful photo shoot on Flashpoint Ranch (A.K.A. my photo park!) and had a great time with different looks in the field, near the woods, and various other places. Becca’s belly was beautifully round, and with only a couple of weeks to go before her due date, it was the perfect time for our shoot. 

Since then Becca and Craig have welcomed Connor, their new little bundle of trouble into the world!

Congratulations you two!