This year is off to an incredible start!! A curator from Italy saw our show “Beneath the Surface” in Orlando, LOVED IT, and invited one piece from each artist to be part of their exhibition in Paris!! My photo "Bonefinder" will be PARIS, FRANCE to…

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Cheers To A New Year! Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

Hooray! It's January! A bit mucky but it's a new year, filled with promise for wild adventures and new stories to tell. This holiday season Jake and I went to Canada, found a small castle, and saw Niagara Falls alight in the evening darkness. It was a grand adventure, and not actually that far from home! This summer I'll wonder out there again in search of that shipwreck we drove by... wardrobe and wild concepts in tow...

Who's going to join me?!

Niagara Falls At Night | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio

The website is under a little maintenance this month with some updates, so if galleries or pages mysteriously disappear for a little bit, that's what's happening. 
I hope everyone had a grand holiday, and the new year is brilliant for you!