This year is off to an incredible start!! A curator from Italy saw our show “Beneath the Surface” in Orlando, LOVED IT, and invited one piece from each artist to be part of their exhibition in Paris!! My photo "Bonefinder" will be PARIS, FRANCE to be shown alongside some amazing and famous artists!! I am so excited to be a part of this! Thank you to Sleeping Awake Photography By Samantha Goss for all your hard work getting everything together, everyone who supports my art, and Danielle for modeling this concept for me!! 

Bonefinder | Exhibiting in France | Beneath The Surface | Alyssia Booth

About the Exhibition...

"Inspired by Jacques Prévert's poem Démons et Merveilles, our upcoming exhibition Ethereal will be held in Paris next May with a new photo essay that lies on the edge of dreams, where the surreal meets the material. A series of timeless pictures, a call for contemplation, an invitation to leave a kind of rationality in order to reach imaginary landscapes which are inner and external landscapes at the same time.

Curated by Martin Vegas, the exhibition strives to create a balance between dream and reality exploring the ways in which they are revealing their own moods and intimacy. Ethereal invites you to enter the visions of Brooke Shaden, Lara Zankoul, Laura Zalenga, Flora Borsi and many other talented artists from 30 different countries, whose photographs are regularly exhibited and notably showcased in the most important photo events. During the event we will also host the exhibition Beneath the Surface which has been held in Orlando, Florida, in January and February 2018 and is curated by Samantha Goss, American photographer and member of our collective."

Here's the link to the show...

ethereal | Paris, France |  Demons et Merveilles | Alyssia Booth | International Photo Expo