“Emote” is next month!!! I am honored to be included in this photography exhibition, among incredibly talented and skilled artists. To see a preview of the works included in this show CLICK HERE. A huge thanks to our amazing curator Samantha Goss of Sleeping Awake Photography!

The Details…

Emote Exhibition
Curated by: Samantha Goss
Venue: Cultural Arts Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
Opening: Friday, November 16, from 5-7pm.
Exhibition Dates: November 6th-27th, 2018

Exhibition Description
Emote is all about expressing emotion through photographs. This can be a very strong visible facial emotion or play with emotion through colors, lighting, location, subject matter, etc.

Artist to be exhibited

Lillian Merritt | Samantha Goss | Tyler Grace | Margherita Introna | Lauren Jenkins | Nix | Meghan Walker | Sabrina M. |Alexandra Holmes| Isabel Herlöfsson | Sam Harnois| Anna Bruce | Laurence Boswell | Amanda Meyer | Sonja Sandström | Art Hsieh | Rebecca Carpenter | Niight Wind | Katrin Auch | Heather Hughes | Ronne Pierce | Sarah Rocca Vento | Jay Coy | Kristina Kashtanova | Tim Stephens|  Elizabeth Haen | Kory Zuccarelli | Jen Sulak | Jessica Bailey | Alyssia Booth | Yvonne Palkowitsh


About My Image..

“Bonefinder”  This piece is inspired by the story of La Loba, a Mexican
folk tale of a woman. She wanders the planes, forests, meadows, and
fields in search of wolves bones. When she has a full skeleton she
builds a pyre and sings the animal back to life. The wolf, once again
bright with life and wildness runs into the distance and transforms
back into a woman, whole and free. Bonefinder is one part of a larger
series I am currently creating.