Winter Greeting | A Fairytale Reindeer Photoshoot

This mini series is of an Early Winter Spirit, greeting a reindeer in the woods and welcoming winter. 

Greeting | Reindeer | Alyssia Booth Photographer |
Winter's Reindeer | Alyssia Booth Photographer |
Winter Spirit | Reindeer | Alyssia Booth Photographer |
Reindeer Shoot | Alyssia Booth Photographer |

Capturing these images was a last minute adventure and very exciting. Exotic animals are a dream to shoot with, but always have their own idea about how we're going to do things! This beautiful reindeer was no exception and actually leapt OVER our model several times to get to the big bag of apples! I am so excited to finally share-  this shoot is now published in Gladys Bellas Magazine! The Winter 2018 issue is available on their website, CLICK HERE for a link.

Credits - 
Reindeer- GG Reindeer Farm
Model-  Kristina Booth
Photographer/Flower Crown- Alyssia Booth/Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio