A Photoshoot With Molly The Mermaid | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | East Lansing, Michigan Photographer

Life is a fairytale. Live it.

The Blonde Mermaid | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | East Lansing Photographer

My photoshoot with Molly the Mermaid was amazing. We did several locations, and at each one we had an audience. It was splendid, and children were definitely in awe. One little girl walked over with her mother. Super nervous and excited that there was a mermaid at HER beach, she just had to say hi. It was so adorable! Inspired by that, we're getting together soon to do mini sessions, so anyone who dreams of meeting a mermaid can do so and have amazing photos of it! Click HERE to check out the event page on our Facebook for full details. 

Mermaid Lagoon | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | East Lansing Photographer

Below is a Before and After of the Mermaid Lagoon with Molly Cunningham (I love Before and Afters!). We shot this in Okemos at a local park in the river. Be careful of rocks! Those were actually REALLY difficult to get around on and the rushing rapid in the middle of the river was intense. Molly is a very brave mermaid!

Before & After | Molly the Mermaid | Photoshoots | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio www.abcandidstudio.com | Michigan

You never know who you'll meet at the beach! My absolute favorite photo from our shoot was of Molly meeting a hatchling dragon... He's the same breed as Dany's dragons from Game of thrones, lovingly hatched for me by the magical Ravendark Creations. 

Mermaid And The Hatchling | Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio | Michigan Photographer | Fantasy

Shout Outs!

Mermaids: Molly Cunningham 

Mermaid's Crown, Starfish Hairclip, & Shell Bra: www.etsy.com/shop/MerlifeCreations

Dragon Hatchling: Ravendark Creations www.facebook.com/RavendarkCreations

Wigs: RockStar Wigs 

Tail: Mertailor Mermaid Tails By Eric Ducharme 

Photographer: Alyssia Booth's Candid & Studio www.abcandidstudio.com

Assistant & Videography: K Booth Media www.kboothmedia.com